About Compamy
Welcome to Gerchik & Co, an international brokerage company founded by professional traders.

Our principles for success:

Focus on customers
Gerchik & Co offers 400+ assets, trade execution at 1 millisecond, and narrow spreads starting at 0 pip. The trading platforms operate based on the Equinix LD4 data center which has the latest-generation servers available 99.99% of the time. This ensures solid protection against slippages. Aside from that, order execution quality is confirmed by FinaCom independent experts. Audit findings can be viewed on MT4 or MT5 using the VerifyMyTrade plugin.
Professional approach
We have designed services and solutions for risk management and consistent trading to help our customers make money in forex in a professional and consistent manner. On top of that, we have created a comprehensive training course which encapsulates Alex Gerchik’s long-term experience and skills.
Reliability and transparency
Interests of the traders at Gerchik & Co are protected by FinaCom, International Financial Commission. Should there be any disputable issue, it evaluates the situation from a technical and legal standpoint. A decision passed by the Commission is enforceable. Payment of compensations to the traders is guaranteed by compensation fund reaching up to €20,000 per claim.
International awards
Our professionalism is evidenced by our accomplishments
November 2015
Our company was recognized as the Fastest Growing FX Broker in the 15th MENA Forex Expo in Dubai.
December 2015
Winner of the Breakthrough of the Year Award according to traders’ independent voting of Trading Day Money. Alex Gerchik, President at Gerchik & Co was named the Best Speaker
December 2019
Gerchik & Co was named the Best Broker in Dynamic Development category according to IAFT (International Association of Forex Traders)..
June 2021
The company made it to the Top 3 of the Ultimate Fintech’s rating for best order execution..
Our customer reviews
Join our ever-growing community of more than 100,000 customers who are already succeeding with Gerchik & Co!
Andrey Miroshnikov
Effortless registration, quick technical support. The company offers loads of trading tools and a handy Risk Manager
Kokhanets Pavel
I am relatively new to Gerchik & Co and I’ve been happy with the company so far. It’s indeed a very trustworthy broker that sends orders directly to the interbank, is always transparent with its clients, and its order execution speed is superb. I am planning to continue trading with you. I recommend Gerchik & Co to everyone who wishes to make money online!
Mikhail Gardienko
I have experience working with many brokers; however, my final choice fell on Gerchik because the trading terms are more beneficial and the risks are minimal. On top of that, the company is pretty famous, tried and tested by many traders and wins trust. High-quality software tools, accurate analytics, and solid profit. All of this helps make pretty decent profits.
Nila Semenova
I’ve been working with this broker for about a year now and have never run into any problems with the operation of the trading terminal, support desk, or cash flow in the personal account. I appreciate the broker's reliability, quick withdrawal and replenishment, and perfect execution of trading orders.
Yulia Ya.
Before signing up and putting my trust in Gerchik & Co, I scrutinized the terms and conditions and talked with everybody who is already trading with this broker. After that, I realized that I wanted to stick to Gerchik & Co. There is always a chance to learn and master new strategies. And of course the support! Assistance with every little thing! I also really respect Alexander Gerchik and Ivan Kroshnyi.
There are so many other awards ahead. Gerchik & Co is hands down one solid broker. I was sold by Alex Gerchik’s name and got everything I wanted. I’m really happy that your efforts have been appreciated. Congratulations! I wish everyone good health. May all traders actually see that you are worthy of trust. A lot of people opt for “kitchens” and then kick themselves for it.
Gerchik & Co Is an excellent broker whose president and CEO know perfectly well what traders need to achieve the best results! That’s because Gerchik is a professional trader himself. Spreads in standard accounts offered by the company can compete with ECN spreads, there are no freeze-ups for stop order placement. With 1:100 leverage, you can trade without any issues for your trading deposit. I personally believe it’s an excellent company for managing investors’ money!
Dmytriy Storchak
I’ve been trading ever since the time this broker was incorporated. I’m happy with everything. Whenever I have a question, the support desk tackles it right away. I’ve been trading using the Risk Manager. This is an awesome tool that eliminates the human factor. I’m pretty sure that it has saved not only my deposit. Withdrawals are smooth, too. You can definitely trade with Gerchik & Co without any worry.