Affiliate Program. Your online business without initial investment

Looking for ways to make money online without investment? Become Gerchik & Co Affiliate and earn remuneration per each active client you have landed!

To get started, all you need is Internet connection and willingness to make money! And we will provide you with the rest for free:

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    Personal account with detailed accrual and payout stats
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    Engagement tools such as banners, informers, videos, referral links, and examples of posts.
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    Checklists, guides and money-making tips from our experts
Become Web Affiliate

Affiliate Program at Gerchik & Co is the right fit for you if you are:

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    Social media group admin or manage channels in messaging apps
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    YouTuber or TikToker
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    Owner of a financial or trading-related website
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    Trader or investor who trusts Gerchik & Co

This Is How It Works

No withdrawal limits. Even if withdrawal amount is only $1.
You add banners, upload posts and videos thereby attracting clients.
Clients click your link and get registered with Gerchik & Co.
They make trades, we pay you up to 40% of commission per lot traded by them.

How much can you make from Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Program at Gerchik & Co means there is no ceiling on the amount of money you can earn online without any investment.
Here’s an example:
You have landed 10 clients who are trading with Mini or Simple account
Each client traded 15 lots in the course of a month. Remuneration per 1 lot = $4.
Your earnings are calculated as follows: 10 clients x 15 lots x $4 = $600
Feedback from our Affiliates:
I became an affiliate at the company a year ago. At the time, the registration for the demo account contest was open, so I started attracting people and urging them to join the competition. Some of those who signed up using my link did open live accounts later on and started trading. Gerchik & Co is paying me remuneration for their trades. So that’s my additional income. It’s very convenient!
Mikhail Gardienko
The affiliate program at Gerchik & Co is also super handy because you can withdraw any amount of money. You don’t have to wait until you have $50 or $100 in your account. You can make a withdrawal even if you have just 5 dollars. I’m all for this!
I’ve tried different affiliate programs and eventually opted for Gerchik & Co. Now I can safely recommend this broker to others. I’m trading with this company myself and I know from experience that they offer fair terms, and don’t screw customers over but rather help with everything.
Big thanks to Gerchik & Co team for the chance to make money without having to invest. I became an affiliate from scratch, completed free training. Managers provided me with a bunch of materials on how to attract customers. On top of that, I took a trading course to step up my game. I have a monthly income, even though it’s a bit small for now :)
Wish to become Gerchik & Co Affiliate? Download a step-by-step guide explaining how to do that.